Kidz Kamp 2013 Fundraiser

Victory MBC going to Cedar Hills Youth Camp in Binger, OK.
Past camps

Victory's main outreach is undoubtedly its youth. Since the church formed in 2005, we have worked to make sure every child that wanted to go to camp was able to go regardless of financial situations. Over the past several years, the church members have taken up a special love offering to help with costs but as the youth group continues to grow, so does the amount needed. Last year we started a fundraiser to offset costs and it was a HUGE success! This year we are making minor changes but keeping the same goal- helping youth afford "Kidz Kamp!"

Last Year's Fundraiser
Last year we had a Tamale & Brisket sandwich fundraiser to help raise funds for church camp. Registration fees are $85 and the students that wanted 1/2 of fees paid were required to help with making tamales and selling. The student with the most sales had 100% of camp fees paid and others received additional help. We raised over $1500 and all of that went to registration fees for camp.  Our youth not only learned how to work hard for something they wanted but was presented something much greater, the Gospel message!
Taco/Enchilada meals 2013

As our youth group continues to grow, we hope that this fundraiser will continue to give opportunities for kids to hear about what Jesus did for them, for you, and for me on the cross. To learn more about Kidz Kamp you can visit their website here

Our plans are to have two days

June 21 11-1pm Enchilda Meals

July 5 11-1pm Taco Meals

selling at the church our lunch plates. To pre-order, you can contact any of our youth or message us on facebook (Victory MBC).  Meal plates will be $7.50 each and include entree, rice, beans, and dessert! Be sure to like us on Facebook to see pictures and videos of camp this year!